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Jiangyin Chengxi Ship Voyage Repair Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin Chengxi Ship Voyage Repair Co., Ltd. is the window for repairing outside ship factory of CSSC Chengxi Shipyard and the comprehensive ship repairing enterprise with diversified management, which collected voyage repairs, the minor repairs and factory repairs together. The company is located in the economy developed Yangtze River delta of Jiangyin City in Jiangsu, China with the superior geographical position and the convenient amphibious transportation.

The company headquarters is located in CSSC Chengxi Shipyard, who carried out various ship repairing business since its establishment relying on the large equipments in CSSC Chengxi Shipyard: floating cranes with 1600 tons and 100 tons each, ship repairing quay line of 1630 meters, floating docks with 0.17million tons,0.12 million tons,0.1 million tons,0.08 million tons and 0.03 million tons each, 6 high-powered tugs, a large metal-cutting equipment and dozens of perfect ship repairing supporting facilities with 150 tons, 120 tons, 30 tons and 25 tons of gantry cranes. It has the complete and systematic ship repair ability for ship repairing, average repairing, changing plate engineering for large area hull, deck hydraulic machinery repairing, air conditioning and refrigeration units repairing, Marine electromechanical equipments repairing, navigation and communication equipments repairing and various special repairing, and has the capacity to take over the voyage repairing and shop repairing for each type shipping after years of technical transformation and personnel quality training. The company has a group of professional technology and management personnel engaged in the ship repair engineering, plus the equipment resources, technical resources and labor resources in CSSC Chengxi Shipyard so as to get the stable repairing quality, the company adheres to the service philosophy of starting everything from sincerity, provides service for the user in full 24 hours relying on timely, high quality, fast and effective service and high quality reasonable price, which obtained high consistent praises by the domestic and overseas customers.

The company carries forward the enterprise spirit of practical, innovation honesty and self-improvement, adheres to the quality policy of scientific management, good faith, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, wishes to cooperate with the new and old friends in the ship repairing field sincerely based on the fine repair technology and the first-class voyage repairing service so as to create beautiful future.

The company business scope: Navigation repair company has more than ten branches starting from the East Ningbo, Shanghai port, to west Nanjing Xin Shengwei port. Measurement Company mainly engaged in the ship hull structure measurement.

Quality policy: science management, good faith, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

Scientific management is the starting point and the basic means for company to carry out ISO9001 International standard.

Good faith is the company management principle and the commitment to customers.

Continuous improvement is the basic guarantee for company to continuously improve product quality and management level.

Customer satisfaction is the objective pursued by company.

The company quality objectives: 100% qualified rate of product, above 95% satisfaction rate of customer, timely and efficient services.

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    Contact:Mr. Zhang Jianzhong
    Tel:+86 510 8166 8850
    Cell:+86 137 0152 8972
    Fax:+86 510 8166 8822
    Address:1 Hengshan Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

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