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Brief Introduction
Ship Building


Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd, taking advantage of the new advanced ship building technology such as precision ship building, blocks fabrication and erection without allowance and accommodation integration lifting etc., establishes the modern new building mode and achieves the integration of hull, outfitting and coating. All these resulted in the shortening of the slipway period, the speeding up of the construction and the continuous improvement of the product quality. The company also adopts new technology to build 30,000 DWT bulk carriers and 35,500 DWT self-unloading vessels by building the blocks on flat and assembling the mega blocks in the floating dock. In order to meet the market requirements, the company successfully developed and built bulk carriers up to kamsarmax,, self unloading vessels of DWT 35,500 tons and 71,900 tons, as well as the 7,800 dwt asphalt tankers and 18,600 dwt chemical tankers which are under construction, providing more choices for international and domestic customers.


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