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Non-Marine Products
Non-marine Products

Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd is also took part in the business of non-marine products, such as large steel construction, machinery & electrical equipment fabrication etc., and it has passed the qualification identification issued by German SLV institution. The main products are the equipments for power plant, lifting gears, steel structures for architecture & self unloading system and large steel structure for shore and offshore wind mill tower etc. The company is capable of manufacturing 150,000 tons of steel structure annually. Relaying on the strong technical teams and reputable brand, the company established the stable business relationship to supply wind mill tower for worldwide famous companies such as GE from USA, VESTAS & CLIPPER from Denmark, and Mitsubishi & Mitsui from Japan etc., and cooperated with domestic companies such as Huaneng Group, Datang Group, Huarun Electric, Zhongguang Nuclear Power Plant and Huarui Wind Power Plant etc. The company is capable of manufacturing and exporting over 1,000 sets of wind mill tower annually and become the largest manufacturer for the wind mill tower in China.

1,600-ton Floating Crane Built By Chengxi   Inlet Houses
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Manufacture of Wind Mill Tower

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