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The First Livestock Carrier in the World


The First Livestock Carrier in the World meets AMSA Standard was born in CSSC Chengxi

NADA, the first livestock carrier that meets the AMSA standard in the world, being successfully completed in Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd. Depending on the larger capacity to accommodate 20,000 cattle or 110,000 sheep, this carrier becomes the second largest livestock carrier in the world today.

NADA was a 2500-container vessel originally. The overall length is 201.41m, and the molded breadth is 32.24m. It was divided into 5 holds. Now, this vessel is converted into a livestock carrier which meets BV rules and AMSA standard.

The conversion for MV NADA has large amounts of work scope, high technical content and difficult construction requirement and the main work including below three parts:

1 – Structures conversion
Previous Hold No.1 1 is converted into fodder tank and equipped with feed conveyor. 7 levels of new deck were added inside Hold No.2-No.4, and 5 levels of new deck were added above weather deck for pen houses. The lower part of Hold No.5 was changed to oil tank and the upper part was changed to new engine room. There are total 330 fences blocks required for the carrier. Wherein, utilizing site assembling below main deck and five integrated blocks assembling above main deck. In addition, the original deck was raised by two layers. Total over 3000 aluminum alloy doors and over 500 steel doors was newly installed in the whole ship. The accommodation was also expanded and converted. Three layers of new accommodation decks were installed above the funnel deck. New kitchen, air-conditioning room and over 30 new cabins were installed. 2 thrown type life boat davits were installed. Total steel work on board is nearly 9000 tons.

2 – Machinery and Electrical Conversion
Through modification, the drinking water supply system, washing and sewage discharging system as well as ventilation system were installed. The oil-water-compressed air system for new generator set, the hot/cold water system for accommodation, the A/C system and domestic sewage system was newly installed. According to AMSA requirement, three sets of 1200KW medium speed generator sets, two sets of 1800kW high speed generator set was newly installed and including original four generators, there are nine generator sets in total on the converted MV  NADA. Large number of PE water supply pipes, sewage discharge pipes and fire pipes for livestock area were installed with total length over tens kilometers. 35 feed conveyors and many PE feeding pipes were installed. Three fresh water generators were newly installed with daily capacity of producing 1800 tons of fresh water. Various types of new cables were installed with total length over 200 kilometers. Various switchboards, starting panels and control boxes were newly installed. Total  76 fans each capacity of 100,000 m³/hour was newly installed with air change rate over 70 times. All main and branch air ducts were made of 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate, which consumes over 100 tons of stainless steel. Total 3500 fluorescent lamps were installed in the holds. Each lamp is connected with main power and secondary power respectively so that the lighting and brightness under emergency situation is not lower than 8 illuminations.

3- Coating work
All ballast tanks was 100% blasted to SA 2 and total coating area in ballast tanks is approximate 80,000 square meters. All fence structures are galvanized. The grinding/coating area for all levels of deck is approximate 100,000 square meters. The outside hull is newly painted with INTERSLEAK.

The conversion work for MV Nada is very difficult. As the pen houses area reaches to 30,000 square meters, all corner welds of fence structure must be full weld for easy flushing. In addition, as AMSA has accurate requirements for the pen house height and railing space and the clearance is only allowed within ±2mm, and each section pillar must be joint vertically. For this reason, Chengxi specially made consistent modules and tools, which obtains the approval from the Owner and ensures the accuracy of works.

According to AMSA requirement, there are over 10,000 test points for air flow in the pen house area for MV NADA, and the wind speed for each measuring point should be not less than 0.5m/s. Since below main deck is fully-enclosed structure but above main deck is open structures, it was affected by outside greatly and the wind speed is hard to control. Through increase outlet dimension, install air deflector and add small fans, Chengxi achieved to make below main deck part meets the AMSA standard. In addition, through change the outlet form, add branch air duct, add air outlet and guiding blade, efficiently improves the ventilation of upper part above main deck. It was approved by the AMSA inspector during two times of inspection and high praised by the site inspector.

After modification, MV NADA was equipped with independent main power and secondary power system. In this case, even the emergencies as power off or fire occurs, the secondary power system will be started immediately so as to ensure the normal life of livestock. For the secondary power, Chengxi made special design for the cable running of secondary power and AO isolation, which enables AO isolation absolutely betweens main power and secondary power system. In addition, the pen house area get power supplied separately from Port and Starboard side and backs up mutually. Since lots of thin plate was used on board, and it is difficult to control the welding deformation, Chengxi makes elaborately organizing and planning, and the evenness is always under control and get the approval from the Owner.

During the conversion for MV Nada, Chengxi assigned 3 project managers, 7 supervisors, 8 inspectors and 8 safety officers for the project control. With the high attention and full cooperation of relevant departments and workshops, all the difficulties were overcame step by step and the whole project was successfully completed.

The successful completion of MV NADA not only initiates the conversion of livestock carrier in the world but also makes Chengxi the first shipyard in China for such conversion. In addition, the techniques and experiences was accumulated and the technical and production teams get trained which lays good foundation for Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd   to provide better services to ship owners.

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