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Naming & Delivery Ceremony for the First 82,000DWT BC


The first 82,000DWT bulk carrier “NING HUA HAI”built by Chengxi Shipyard for COSCO Shipping Bulk Co., Ltd, was named and delivered on April 26.

As the first newbuilding with the larges t tonnage built in Chengxi, “HUA SHENG HAI” is the third generation Kamsarmax bulk carrier series, 229M in LOA, 32.26M in breadth, 12.2M in draft, and 14.3 knot in speed. The streamline, arrangement, structure, propeller, machinery and electrical system have been optimized based upon the research & development on panama type. It is characterized in convenient operation, safe reliability, energy efficiency etc. The eco-designed vessel can comply with the requirements of CSR, Fuel Oil Tank Protection and PSPC etc. The edge-cutting design of this vessel type can offer the largest cargo capacity and deadweight tonnage while reducing about fifteen percentage of its EEDI.
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