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Chengxi Shipyard Has a 82K Karsamax Bulk Carrier Launched


On April 7, Chengxi Shipyard launched the 42# 82K Kamsamax bulk carrier built for Wah Kwong.

Since the year of 2004 when the first shipbuilding contract was signed between Wah Kwong and Chengxi, both companies have developed loyal and stable partnership with a total of twenty ships built and delivered by now and two under construction.
Chengxi Shipyard has been dedicated to becoming a visionary and trustworthy partner for owners by building various vessel types and providing reliable services. The company enjoys a good reputation in building series of bulk carriers upto Karsamax featuring 53K bulk carriers with sixty-one deliveries and 64K bulk carriers with fifty-six deliveries. In terms of Self-unloading vessels, Asphalt tankers, Woodchip carriers and Chemical tankers, the company has been awarded mass orders
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